Stewart Avenue Mission Statement

At Stewart Avenue Public School, we work together in partnership with our parents and our community to teach our students the skills, knowledge and values required to achieve individual success in a changing world.


We will provide a safe and caring environment in which the academic, social, emotional and physical needs of our children will be met.  We will encourage a love of learning and a pursuit of knowledge so that each individual will reach his or her full potential as a morally responsible contributing member of society.


The development of our young people is a shared responsibility involving all members of our school community.  Mutual support, teamwork and communication between the home and school are fundamental in developing students that are self-disciplined and have the social skills necessary to reach their full potential.

Our School Colours

  • #CC0000
  • #000000


At Stewart Avenue:

We speak politely

We listen to others

We respect personal space and property

We include everyone

We work together

We do our best

Glenview Park Family of Schools


 Our School Community is Expected To Be:

 Respectful   Co-operative   Responsible   Courteous   Diligent